Toledo and Madrid - June 8 through June 18

Glad you enjoyed La Llorería! It’s become a favorite of ours and also of the chefs we know.

Hope you enjoy your meal at Trèsde and if you have a chance, tell the chef that I recommended it to you. I’m the one who talked to him about his time at Ze Kitchen Galerie.


Chrome worked in my Mac laptop for photos, as Safari did not. Did not mean to be hard on you but some of us are hanging on to every word and waiting for the “big reveal,” if not with pics, at least with descriptions. I’ts unfair of me, I know, but I do remember several posters on CH who would create many long threads about eating, for example, in Spain, and would promise over and over again to do even a small report back, but that was not to be. I’m not for a moment suggesting that you might do the same, Guess some of us became so eager to hear about the promised up to the minute posts along your route. I’m the last person to criticize, as I’ve been known to take many, many months to draw out a trip report!!

I, for one, would love hear hear about your meal at Sacha. Where else did you end up dining in Madrid? When you get time, I’m sure you will have a number of devoted readers.

“I only wish that my stay in Madrid had lasted as long as it’s taking me to finish this food report about my 4 nights in the Spanish capital.” :smiley:


It’s been far too long since I’ve been to Toledo…30 years…beautiful, stunning city, amazing pork and lamb and partridge and pheasant and quail …art and architecture, the historic synagogue is amazing. I’m so jealous!


FYI, I have not forgotten to post. I am trying to wrap up my reports and posts from Paris last year (sometimes, I lack inspiration), so making some real progress there. Then I can post Spain.


Hi @erica1, good to see an ex CH’er here.

How far out do reservations at Sacha go? I an trying to book for late Sep and don’t seem to be able to.


Not Erica, but I think the books open up 1- 2 weeks in advance? I had my hotel’s concierge make the reso for me. Amazing meal, book it if you can.

My experience was similar to Pedro’s…there is short window of about two weeks. But also, as Pedro recommends, seek help from the concierge. I was unlucky because my stay in Madrid coincided with a holiday I knew nothing bout beforehand, and which caused some closings…

A truly exciting restaurant city!

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Good to hear you are planning to post about your edible adventures…I am sure I am not alone in wanting to read, especially about Madrid. How was Restaurant Sacha?

If you’ve already chosen your lodging (I assume you have these reservations), I would have your hotel desk staff or concierge call Sacha rather than wait until the booking window for September appears on the web site.
Sacha will be closing on Aug. 13 for vacation, but I don’t know when he’ll reopen in September.

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That’s what I did, the hotel called and made my reso, much much easier.

I thought I did better than that. I had a Spanish friend currently visiting Madrid call. Instead she walked by and asked. However, they said no reservations possible for my date until the 2nd week of Sep. So I guess the 2 week resy opening is the same for online as for call in’s?

@PedroPero how long before your dining date did the hotel manage to book for you?

I believe it was 2-3 weeks in advance when the books opened, but I still had to email my hotel when reservations became available to tell them the date/time and that I was dining solo,so I still had to keep an eye on the dates. YMMV

What do you think of Picones de Maria and Sala de Despiece ?

I really enjoyed a recent lunch at Sala de Despiece, I think perhaps more than Pedro did, if I recall.
erica1 reviewed it here.

But put yourself in the hands of your waiter and ask for the “greatest hits”. (We didn’t opt for the tasting menu, but many diners did). The dishes will all be prepared right before your eyes, and I thought it great fun. We took a video.
Don’t miss the “Rolex” and the “helado de guisante”.

The former chef of Picones de María, the one who made it famously hard to book, is now the owner and chef of OSA.


I did enjoy it, right up until the almost inedible and super gritty razor clams, and the attitude I got from the waitstaff when I mentioned it. It was fun and tasty, but I wouldn’t return. YMMV

We didn’t have the razor clams.
I think a visit to Sala de Despiece is a one time, entertaining experience rather than a repeater for us.

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OK so Erica liked it more than you guys did although Maribel liked it more than Pedro

Exactly, fun a whimsical. one and done.

Only way to find out if you like it is to check it out yourself Like I said, YMMV :slight_smile: