[Tokyo] Tsukiji relocation delayed

Tsukiji’s move to Toyusu is delayed till potentially early next year due to environmental contamination concerns at the new site. A little more time for those who want to visit the market.

Does any one know what happens to Chuka Soba Inoue the ramen shop after the move?

'the Toyosu site is smack in the middle of an environmental scandal involving contaminated soil and a gaping hole in one of the building’s floors. The original construction budget of ¥6.3 billion has also mysteriously inflated to almost 10 times that in the space of three years and no one can really pinpoint where the money is going. The current Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike has issued a statement saying a final groundwater survey is being conducted, a process that may last until at least February 2017, after which the market will likely move. ’

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