Tokyo Sushi Hibachi Buffet? [Freehold, NJ]

I fucking love Golden Coral. For a 10 dollar buffet you really can’t beat it. I swear to god those rolls they give you are amazing at any level of dining, if they served it at a Michelin star joint people would be raving about 'em.

Haven’t been to Teppanyaki (I ain’t going all the way to East Brunswick for buffet), but from the pictures I’ve seen their sushi is far inferior to Tokyo. But they have duck, and it all depends on the price point.

Eatontown has prime rib dawg! That’s worth the price of entry! haha

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I have never gotten the prime rib, do you have to order it from the grill guy? Dam how could I not have known this.

Yeah you get it from the grill guy. He has prime rib and roast duck, among other things… those are the only two things I get personally.

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He has the jus as well (or their version of it.)

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You like-a the jus?