[Tokyo] End of an era, Tsukiji fish market is finally closed

Finally the door is closed on 6 October. New Toyosu market will open its door on 16 October.

The famous early morning tuna auctions will still be happening over at the new location, beginning at 4:30 a.m. daily.

Whereas at Tsukiji you had to get a reservation ticket, all you have to do now is show up and try to get a good spot on the special viewing platform.

All dining options are located in the structure as well now, with around 40 food stalls – most carried over from Tsukiji – set to operate.

Beyond that, visitors can also head up to the grass-carpeted roof to take in nice views of the city. Organizers also plan to move the famous Tsukiji shrine to the venue as well.

All tourist-related activities at Tsukiji came to a close in late September, and the inner market shut down for good on October 6. But that doesn’t mean the area around the market is suddenly deserted.

The outer market – the one featuring all the food stalls and restaurants – will still be in operation.

Just go to Tsukiji Shijo station on the Oedo line or Tsukiji station on the Hibiya line to get there and enjoy a taste of what is now a part of Tokyo history.


I visited a few years ago and had a great time. Among the interesting things I saw was this laundry basket full of tuna heads. So cool!



I didn’t remember I had a reservation ticket, arriving at around 4 am, very sleepy and we asked around for the tuna auction. The few people worked there just pointed at the same direction, some tourists started to run, we run as well, the place was huge. I remember after the auction, it was surrealistic to see the empty market an hour ago was suddenly filled with people selling all different sea goodies and the buyers flooding the place, so lively at 5:30 am.

I never quite made it during the prime hours, but I did visit early enough to still see some of the leftovers of the auction. Spectacular tuna, and so fresh! I just loved seeing all the seafood. I remember getting unceremoniously spit on by a clam in the box next to me who apparently didn’t like the looks of the back at me head. Fun memories there. Would love to visit the new site some day.

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Wow! Very fresh, I would say that clam!