Today's Food Product Pet Peeve

Got it.

Fresh bakery and plastic bags are a sin IMO. For a while, WalMart put its Italian bread in paper bags. I bought one and it was good. Not great, but good. One of my only frustrations moving from city to country was the lack of decent breads.

Paper bags. So simple. When you’re done with the bread, use the bag for your bottle of TJ Swan and head to the park.

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Great, I’ll look for Bays, but I’ve not yet seen thm anywhere in Washington. Which is strange, because Bays’ website says they’re in Walmart, QFC, Target and Fred Meyer.

Seems this answers the concern that fully splitting somehow compromises quality or longevity. But the site also says Bays muffins are refrigerated…

Yes, they are usually refrigerated by the eggs. I used to get mine at QFC, until the store moved out, to my lasting dismay.

Well, now I know! Thanks, and good riddance to Orowheat and the others.


Well, I found Bays at Safeway. They were cased with the likes of Poppin’ Fresh.

Fully split as recommended, and in a resealable tray/bag. I noticed the very large bubbles/crumb relative to my accustomed brands.

Will report after a few tries.


My kids really like Bays English muffins. I switch back and forth between Bays and Thomas, getting Thomas when they’re BOGO (happens here at least once/month) and Bays otherwise.

The Thomas bagels also go BOGO at least once a month here and we used to buy them a lot but the daughter who eats the most bagels has really gotten on the home made kick, so I don’t buy much anymore.

Well, I tried Bays this morning, both under PB and with scramble eggs piled on top.

I like them. Two observations: they toast up smaller, and they’re much airier than I’m used to. Loved that they come fully split.

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I too am skittish about being one glass sliding door away from a horror movie style death.

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