TJs sour gummy candies

So, I have a thing for TJs sour citrus flavored gummies. But I have not seen them in the store for at least 3 months. The staff tells me that are just out, not cancelled. But I’m starting to doubt. Are there any folks out there who also buy these, and whose stores are still stocking them? Just curious. Maybe I need to shop at a different TJs. Mine is in WA (Bellingham).

The citrus letter shaped ones? Those are the best. They better not be discontinued!!

Yep those.

I work and live in 2 far apart places, so yesterday I thought to give TJs near work a call and see if they had any of the gummy candies. The guy I talked with said that his latest “status” on this product was from early April, and that was unusual because any issues with product or packaging were almost always resolved in a couple of weeks, and that status was usually provided every 4-6 wks if something was going to take longer. He didn’t say it had been cancelled or discontinued.

So I did a little google sleuthing on my own, and found that a lawsuit had been filed against TJs in CA, in May, regarding allegedly deceptive packaging on these candies, that say they are all natural but allegedly contain some type of non-natural ingredient/preservative. I didn’t, and am not wanting to, get in the weeds on the claims. But I wonder whether this is the reason why the stores haven’t had the product for months, and there is no current status report on them. If the employees know anything, they’re not talking.

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