titan foods, astoria

the e90th nyc ferry stop is about 10 minutes from our apt so I’ve been scouting places walking distance from the astoria ferry landing. Titan foods has been on my radar for a while, saw the article below and thought we’d better get there soon.

Purchased very good feta, olives, pita, pasta, dolma, galaktoboureko, an orange flavored semolina pastry and yogurt. Prices were great, the only disappointment was the pita, would probably check to see if Yaya’s bakery down the street is making their own.


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the neighborhood is worth visiting, in addition to Titan, though its markedly less Greek than 20-30 years ago., i well remember enjoying tasting my way through a selection of barrelled fetas before chosing. The article says the store is moving nearby but I will miss the parking lot! Agreed that the pital are disappointing.


Titan plays a big role in this Greek-American hip-hop video:

“Psomi” is bread, so the title and words mean Feta and Bread. The lyrics translated into English are here:


Shock! Titan has long been a personal favorite (ah, yes, that parking lot!!!) and I fervently hope that a new location will come to pass. Meanwhile, Mediterranean Foods can certainly fill the gap. They closed the location off Ditmars (with another parking lot!) but as far as I know, still maintain the smaller place (difficult street parking) and the newer one that had an actual human “parking guide” last few times I’ve visited. I think these two (especially the latter, more northerly location (sorry for not posting actual addresses) run neck and neck with Titan—cheese tastings, olive bar, great range of well priced oils, many house-made products including sweet treats and savory phyllo pies (spanakopita etc) and pleasant and helpful staff .

Most of you probably know all this but if anyone has not discovered Mediterranean, I think you will be more than pleased. These are two of our city’s stellar food meccas.