Tips for Getting Freshly Made Fast Food?

While I have never had much of an issue getting freshly made food at In 'n Out, Wendy’s, or Carl’s (except for their fries and rings), McD’s is a whole 'nother story.

I luv a fresh, hot Filet o’ Fish or McMuffin, but getting one is usually less than a 50% chance (same with fries/hash browns). My main trick for a fresh FoF and fries is to get there shortly after 10:30AM, but that does not work for McMuffs and HBs.

I remember a coworker I often went to lunch with always ordered his FoF with lettuce. He insisted he always got a fresh one that way (but I really don’t want the lettuce).

Any tips for how to order and get freshly made (as opposed to sitting under a heat lamp for way too long)?

Just ask .

It works at McDonalds (for all items that I’ve ordered, from breakfast items, including hashbrowns, to Filet-O-Fish, and burgers)

Burger King as well.

In-N-Out … well, that’s a a non sequitur, right?

SERIOUSLY? I can just order “can I get a filet o fish and fries… freshly made” and that works for you? Hard to imagine they’ll do a fresh fry on both at my request.

Where do you live?

Yes, seriously.

I am in Southern CA.


I can tell you what not to do. Since I just finished posting an anecdote about my days as a teen fast food cashier, do not request “fries no salt,” because you know that the staff will have to make a fresh batch just for you and also wipe out the bin to remove salt. You will piss everyone off royally and make them vindictive. I had several regular customers who thought this was a very clever ploy. I’ll just say we did not like them, and leave it at that.