Tips for a Grocery Outlet Amateur

I think I’ve been in a Grocery Outlet once, briefly. But there’s one that opened recently near us, so I thought we’d give it a try. I’m especially interested in white wine and cheeses. Any hints for finding good stuff and not getting overwhelmed? I realize that it’s more of a treasure hunt than going to a regular store, but I thought I’d see what my fellow HOs have to say. Thanks!

Buy based on need, not on price.

At least with respect to wine, most of the stuff is just garbage. Every once in a while one can get a good deal on a good wine, but most of their wine is generally low quality bulk wine sold at correspondingly low prices. Not sure I would even buy it to make vinegar.

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I think every GO has a cheese and deli meat island.
The good stuff is there.
Regular Kraft etc. is in the refrigerated cases.
I’m not as cynical as ipse so I’d peruse them.
Varies by store and state too.
We get cheap Oregon wine up here in Oregon…


I would also add that roughly 1/2 the stuff at any given time is across all stores - weekly ads, and the stores individually order the rest according to what preferences their customers desire.
And local/regional goodies :wink:

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Well…… that certainly depends on your palate, what you’re used to drinking, and can afford. I’ve also found a wide variance in the size and quality of the selection at different GOs. My closest GO (which I find has a generally poor selection of cheeses compared to what I read is found elsewhere) has around 3 times the number of wines as a brand new GO that just opened nearby in a much more affluent area (surprisingly). If you know something about wine, and are on a budget, you can do well enough at my closer one. Just my 2¢ though.


I’ve been enjoying trips to GO here in SoCal while visiting mom. They have senior discounts on Tuesday mornings if that’s your jam. I have very low brow wine tastes so have been liking a few of their Malbecs. Also got some Smog City Pilsner for a good price. Besides that, a couple of cheeses, veggies, and nuts


If you come to my house, you’d probably do best to BYOB.