Tip: At Few Tips on When to Not Tip (Chemicalkinetics' Wisdom)

We are often told how much to tip, but we don’t have any lesson on: When to Not Tip.

Here are a few situations where you should not tip your waiter or waitress
(For simplistic, I will just use “waiter”)

  1. If you don’t think you will ever be back to this particular restaurant, then there is no need to tip. Just go. Because that will save you some money for the parking meters which is more important.

  2. If your waiter told you that “I will be with you in a minute”, and he came back after 1.5 min, then you don’t have to pay any tip. He broke a promise.

  3. If the waiter bought you a glass of water without asking you, then you don’t need to pay tip. He is being a smartass, and smartass should not be rewarded.

  4. If the waiter looked over the baby at the next table and commented how cute the baby is, then you don’t need to tip him. He was clearly distracted. Unprofessional. Duh!

  5. If the waiter threw any foreign word at you (Italian or Japanese, or Mexican…etc.), then you should not tip him. Because this is America, and we speak only American here. This rule also applies oversea in any other countries – because you are an American.

You will be a happier person if you follow my advises.


Wow, I see what you did there. No wonder you were thrown out of that other site :smiling_imp:


If the waiter asks what you would like - no tip! A true professional would simply know.



Edit: Sorry about that. For some reason my text didnt show up when I posted it earlier. It wasnt a hit and run :wink:

Thought this would go along with the theme of the thread ::blush:



This is most helpful. I’ve just returned from a three week trip to America. Everyone seemed to have their hand out expecting a tip - waiting staff, bar staff, taxi drivers, hotel porters, tour guides, singers in bars/restaurants, etc. What a most unusual culture.


Under no circumstances will I tip a server who doesn’t reciprocate my sexual innuendo and advances. I mean, if I can put myself out there with a well-deserved “nice tits”, the least she can do is smile back. Where I come from, a slap on the ass is just part of the job if you want your eight percent.


You want she slaps your ass or you slap her ass? :smirk:


That depends on how big she is.


Our apparent reediness aside, I do hope you enjoyed your trip!

Thanks. We always enjoy our trips across the Atlantic. America is so “foreign” in comparision with European countries that we visit (language aside) that there’s always much to take away and remember.

Much of America can be pretty foreign to Americans.


As soon as my kids can flap their wings, 4 weeks in Europe is in my bucket list. My great grandfather came from England in the bowels of a ship during the 1800’s and lost his arm in a coal mine in the US at age 14.

My father worked with a fellow who was a kid during the Blitz. I met him, horrible scar on his hand from picking up a Phosphorous shell and throwing it out of a building. Tough SOB’s you folks come from!!!

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Hope you get here sometime, Tom. Maybe you’ll be able to visit whereever your ancestor came from.

By the by, during World War 2, the Germans dropped bombs just a few minutes from where I now live, killing a few residents in what was then still a village. My grandad, who had fought in the Great War, was employed at a gasworks. He spent much of the few days when the Blitz came to Manchester, on top of the gas storage thing, kicking incendary bombs off it.


Appalling. This is in Virginia, only the other day. Story on BBC.

Yeah, I read it on bbc too (funny that it wasn’t covered by US news site). It is sickening. The couple (young, I remember in their 20’s) unfortunately reflects some of the current atmosphere.

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We’re going through some troubled times in both our countries, Chem.

I’d like to think we can all learn from the dignity of the server, as reported in the BBC article.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold