Tip #8- How to find your pals/ favorite posters on any forums

A comment came up recently that a user wants to look for another forum user, so I am sharing some ways to look for particular users from another forum, e.g. eGullet that you want to invite. Don’t have their contacts? Often you can still find them with googling. The more distinctive the user ID is, the easier.

  1. Private message them if that forum has private messaging. Most forums do.
  2. Search for user on eGullet
    and private message them.
  3. Google “user ID”,
  4. Google “user ID” + any combination of city/ state/ name of person
  5. Google “user ID” + “forum”
  6. Google “user ID” + “forum” + any combination of city/ state/ name of person
  7. Search user ID on Twitter, Yelp. For twitter, note the person may have a numerical suffix to the user ID- e.g. abcde on forum A may be abcde2 on Twitter
    Yelp link: https://www.yelp.com/find_friends/
  8. Facebook. You can send a email to anyone on Facebook regardless whether you are connected to them. See the next post.

If there are other good ways, please feel free to share and I’ll add to the list.

Note: If you reach out this way, you should be explicit why you are contacting them, and how you found them.


How to email someone who’s on Facebook via the standard Facebook email feature:

Step 1: find their profile. Note the user name in the URL, after the single slash. e.g.
https://www.facebook.com/jacques.pepin (this is a made up example)

Step 2: Just email userID@facebook.com, e.g. jacques.pepin@facebook.com
The email will get redirected to the email address the user used to register on FB. Facebook email is a feature that isn’t very well known.

Don’t send message directly on the FB platform if you are not connected to the person. The message goes to the filtered black hole. Send a Facebook email instead.

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Still can’t find someone? Reply to this thread and tell everyone who you are looking for and see if other users have a way to find them.