Tip #14- How to write big and bold in your post


@ernie_in_berkeley accidentally discovered this today:

Lack of Knowledge Completely Ruined Your Confidence?

(odd boldface there; I don’t know why)

(For the Horde!) #3

I was just about to ask you how did you do that… :star_struck:


@ernie_in_berkeley @Chemicalkinetics

You can make big bold face by typing the sign “-”, like this





But I was just copy/pasting from WebMD. The passage isn’t in boldface there.


type something and then next line, you put a hyphen, just like the screen capture I made here.


Ah, gotcha. I might have included a string of hyphens to separate the WebMD text from my comment.


Yup, actually your line didn’t appear.

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the better to shout with?

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(For the Horde!) #12

But I thought bold is “**”


It is, but with the hyphen, the font is even bigger in size. Hope this is not an excuse to yell.

(For the Horde!) #14

This is BIG