Tino's Red Bank [NJ]

Had dinner at Tino’s on Sat. with 5 friends. We were greeted by Tino himself! He was super friendly and helpful. We were debating what to order when he came over and suggested that he just bring a couple of appetizers while we looked at the menu.

They sent out chips and guacamole enough for 10 people. Fresh and delicious. He also provided a shrimp and sausage grilled appetizer with grilled jalapenos. Never had peppers done that way and they were outstanding. Remember to remove the seeds if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the heat.

Tinos came back for our dinner order and offered to bring us the grilled special and a bunch of other dishes. The only thing we asked tobe added was the cactus salad, which my friend loved.

The grilled special came with shrimp, sausage, chicken, beef, jalapenos, onions, salsa and sides of rice, beans and tortillas. All of it was outstanding.
My friends loved the torta, tacos, enchiladas and everything else.
The place has a real homestyle feel and Tino made us feel like family. His wife was working in the kitchen.
Anyone looking for truly authentic Mexican needs to stop here. Parking was simple as well.
Thank you Tino - see you soon!


It sounds like you had a nice dinner. Was this inside dining, or outside?


There has also been discussion of Tino’s in the “Mexican Food in Monmouth County” thread.

We love Tino’s !! Always fresh and yummy food!!

We were inside. One other couple there, and they left us alone for more than an hour.

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Nice writeup for Tino in the local paper. Not presented for the “review”, just thought it might be interesting for folks to hear part of his story. His “stint” at the Red Bank Armory is not really touched on, but I know it was a great growing, learning and networking experience for him there. I’m proud to know him. Actually I can’t stand him, his work ethic puts me to shame :slight_smile:


For those who are interested in al’fesco dining options:


I’ve seen some pics on FB. Looks like he made a really nice spot out there. Guy works hard at that place. Hope he’s having success