Time sensitive: recommendations for Italian Pastry, lower Westchester County, NY

Need them for tomorrow, Sunday
I was a loyal Café Trento customer before they changed ownership
Any recent experience with Fleetwood Pastry
The absence of the use of citron is also a plus
Is it worth a trip to Arthur Ave
Thank you all in advance …

Oh, so sorry I missed this. I just recommended Artuso and Sons in Thornwood to friends. We love their pastries. For next time…


TY … DH ended up going to Fleetwood Pastry shop.
He picked up a few lbs of the mini pastries.
The folks who were gifted were very happy with
the quality.
We shared a regular sized lobster tail and it was fine, better
than I expected,extremely crispy outer shell, very light innards.
DH said he will patronized them if for nothing else, the friendly efficient service.

Sorry I missed this too. And I don’t blame you for bypassing the old Caffe Trento ( Cafe Nuccio now?) - I still mourn its loss. That was my go-to place for pastries too ever since I was a kid. :frowning:

I like Fleetwood Pastry - glad you were happy. I second ice cream’s suggestion - I’m always happy with Artuso & Son’s in Thornwood as well.


Replying to both you and ice cream,
is Artuso & Son’s similar quality to Atuso’s in Yonkers, of which I am not a fan.

I am not aware of a connection between the two. My favorite things at Artuso & Sons are the fresh-filled cannolis, St. Joseph’s pastries and all their traditional Italian pastries, napoleons, and at my request my husband ordered a cannoli cake for my birthday which was also delicious.The turnover is pretty fast so things tend to be fresh.

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