Time Sensitive Easter egg hunt / today/ Parkway Oval Tuckahoe

Nutmeg will be providing sweets
there is a gyro truck … hunt will begin in half an hour
this is a very organized event

Yes, chowdom. Saw the signs yesterday. Nutmeg has been doing a nice job at her shop up the street, too. Enjoy all Easter Egg Hunters!

Yes… thanks from the sanctity of my home :wink:

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Although I am within a very brief walking distance, any travel I do in the next few hours will be as far away from the Parkway Oval as I can get. Insanity abounds, total craziness; and then there’s the kids too.


lol … be it ever so humble there’s no place like home
You should see and here what is going on out my back window
In all seriousness it’s almost over… having a second run for the kids
that didn’t get anything … :slight_smile:

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Agreed! When my children were younger I used take them to the Easter Egg hunts in Eastchester and Tuckahoe and after a few years I just stopped going as I was disgusted to see parents…yes parents push little children out of the way or beat them to an egg so their little Johnny could pick up an egg. SMH Also, Parkway Oval is aka Poopway Oval. It’s a landmine. Lol

DPW was out at 7:00am the morning of the event blowing goose poop off the field :grimacing: I was pissed the noise from the blowers woke me up! The event at the Pkwy Oval is extremely organized and not at all like what you describe. Much different than when the event was held on the grounds of the police station causing a traffic mess in the center of the village. Specific age groups hunt at specific times, strollers are not permitted and there is a final hunt for any kids who didn’t get anything the first time around. The insanity is really just the noise from the number of people and kids who show up, but it is still organized, much more so than a number of other events held in the Village. I would never recommend this event if it was anything like the ordinary Easter egg hunts you describe…Little Johnny’s parents save the aggression for soccer games :frowning: Like them or not, Nutmeg was smart by taking advantage of the situation selling pies and other baked goods at the event the day before the holiday

Poor chowdom! How annoying. Good to know that the event is better organized and more child friendly. Alas, my children are in Hs and college now so too late for us. Lol

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