Time Out Market Brooklyn [NYC-Dumbo]

Thought I’d start a discussion on this collection of eateries.

The big pro is the view - the location is perfect, on the Bk waterfront between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

The con - crowds, obviously.

I went specifically to try Alta Caridad Taqueria - by one of my favorite Indian chefs, Akhtar Nawab, who switched to Mexican food after his maiden restaurant (Elettaria) closed. He’s making giant parathas with taco toppings, cut into squares for easy eating. Pretty good, but better hot - the strategy of collecting many foods and eating them collectively after didn’t work.

The format of the market is interesting - you walk around, put in food orders, take a buzzer to notify you when it’s ready, and find space to sit in the meantime. Two levels, indoors downstairs, and indoor/outdoor upstairs (very limited outdoor space where you can eat/drink, but big windows).

Lots of crowd-pleasers on the food front, and two big bars to keep everyone happy. Nothing stands out as a food destination, but if you’re there already, it’s better than average group food.

It’s a pain to get to from Manhattan, but a gorgeous view if you have guests in town.


I haven’t been, yet, and will check it out when I am in the area next. But I have to say that I’m not expecting much after three visits to the original Time Out Market in Lisbon. It’s noisy and crowded, it’s difficult to nail down a spot to eat and also pick up your food, and worst of all, the food is not very good, despite being designed by name chefs or restaurants. The concept is intriguing, but the realization disappointing. I understand that in Dumbo, the two levels are separated by four floors?

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There’s a ground floor level and then an elevator ride up to the terrace level.

Get your downstairs food and then go up, there’s another bar upstairs (and you can’t carry alcohol up from the downstairs bar).

Alternatively, eat where you get your food while it’s hot, then go up for a drink with a view.

As with anything, expectations guide the experience. It’s a pretty location with better than average food. Crowds are everywhere :slight_smile:

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