Time Out Food Hall Planned for Boston [MA]

Eater Boston and others are reporting that Time Out plans to open a food hall in 2019 at the Landmark Center-- which years ago was the big Sears building–in the Fenway. After visiting the Time Out market in Lisbon (Portugal), I am curious to see what they’ll bring to Boston. The Lisbon hall was one of those tourist-y venues that I thought was done rather well.

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I really want to be excited about it. I love the concept. I just know it will be so crowded I will only go once ;(

I’m not familiar with the address. From the map, isn’t that where there are movie theaters, blick art supply and a bed bath beyond? Is that all going to make room? Hmmmm

@Thimes. You have the correct location. A large portion of the building has been under construction without tenants for almost a year. I would assume that this is where the new Food Hall would go.

This is an area with a huge number of new residential units so I suspect that this neighborhood is ripe for an option besides the aging Star Market. The T stop won’t hurt either.

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Yes, from what I read you seem to be right about the proposed location. Probably I’ll be in the one-time visit club as well. Yet still curious to see what their take on the concept might be.

Oh, @smtucker: that aging Star Market and the T stop slipped my mind. Great observations!

I spend a ton of time in the hospital district, waiting often at that red light. Plenty of time to ponder the changes in that neighborhood since I lived there in 1978-79.


yep. in general I’m not a crowd guy either, but if they do this right it could be worth a look.


We met up with a friend for lunch today (Saturday). Arrived around 10:30, not crowded at all. With a few exceptions most places were closed till 11:00 am.
It is a huge space, well done with lots of seating. It was loud with out a lot of visitors. About 8 or so vendors on each side of the hall and 2 bars set up, one at each end.
11:00 rolled around and I ordered fish & chips from Saltie Girl, DH has the Fatoosh salad with grilled haloumi cheese on top from Anoonsh’ella and our friend had fish tacos from gogo ya.
It was all pretty good. Pagers went off in a timely manner, food was hot and well prepared and not overly expensive. Lots of things looked really good, like the meatballs at Michael Schlow’s and the chicken and waffles at Mrs. Clucks.
It was a good stop on the way to the MFA and would definitely go again. But probably not on a game day. Has anyone else been?


Nice report! Appreciate that you pointed out this could be a stop for grabbing a bite on the way to the MFA. That could be a good reason for a visit.

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