Time for a Moscow Board?

I have deliberated about making this post / thread because I understand this can become a lightning rod for off topic comments. Regardless this is a legitimate “online food related” story about the unfortunate war being waged in Europe.

I am requesting that you think before you post. DO NOT post political commentary - personally I LOVE stories of ingenuity like this under such extraordinary circumstances. PLEASE DO NOT disappoint me by making me or my fellow mods have to overly monitor this thread for inappropriate or political content.

Expressing support is fine - prayers are always welcome - or just thoughts of support for our fellow humans who are enduring terrible circumstances.

God Bless the people of Ukraine.

Google Restaurant Reviews Hijacked to Share News From Ukraine With Russian Citizens (msn.com)


To give you a serious answer …In the unlikely event of someone here visiting Russia in the near future, they will find that the existing “Europe” board would be the appropriate place for them to post. No need for anything new.

As a European, living on the western side of the continent, I am appalled what is going on in another European democracy on the eastern side of the continent. But we’re a food forum, not an international affairs one, so let me sort of stick stick to food (which I’ll very briefly mention later). On our local community Facebook page, several folk of Polish and Ukrainian heritage have put out an appeal for donations of goods for the refugees who have fled from Ukraine across the border to the safety of Poland. They plan to take a truck to eastern Poland within the next day or so. The appeal is for the likes of dried food, warm clothing and sleeping bags, nappies, female sanitary products. This is a humanitarian crisis but not a catastrophe. The people, almost all being women and children, have fled to the modern, well organised society that is Poland which will receive direct support from other European Union countries but it is a matter of getting help there quickly, before longer term governmental arrangements have been put in place. We going to the collection point on Saturday with a couple of bags of whatever we can find suitable in the village convenience store.


Do you have an article or link for the program you are speaking of? Can’t hurt to share info in case anyone here might want to donate to the cause. Best wishes to you and the family.

Thank you


Unfortunately no link. I’m not on Facebook and got the info from someone else. It’s a very local initiative which is after donation of goods rather than money. But, if there’s anyone reading from the Greater Manchester area - the collection point is at Heald Green Village Hall on Saturday morning ( 5/3)


Also joining in as local collection points in the Stockport Borough area:

The Ukrainian Club in Heaviley and the Governors House pub in Cheadle Hulme


World Central Kitchen is providing food/assistance in Ukraine and to those who have left and are in the process of reaching the EU:


Instead of a Russia board, how about dividing the current Europe board into Wester and Eastern Europe?

Maybe Western Europe would include everything that is not Eastern Europe according to this map?


The Disasters Emergency Committee represents 15 major UK charities and issues appeals for cash donations when there are emergency situations, such as the current Ukrainian refugee crisis. Many of those charities are already on the ground in Poland, Moldova, etc.

The UK government has agreed to match, pound for pound, donations up to a total of £20million. For UK taxpayers, donations can be made as “gift aid”, which allows the charities to reclaim tax from the government. So, our donation this morning of £30 will actually be worth £37.50 to the charities.

Donations to the DEC are probably the quickest way of getting help to where its needed


Thank you everyone this is the type of information I was hoping we would be able to provide!!! Kudos and thank you.

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I am amazed that, even in these dark times, there is space for humour.

This morning, I’ve read that Germany has seized the “super yacht” of a Russian oligarch. Apparently the Ukrainians have asked, presumably with tongue firmly in cheek, for it to be refitted as a missile launching cruiser and sent to the Black Sea.


Google and TripAdvisor disable restaurant reviews in Russia after they were flooded with protests against the Ukraine invasion (msn.com)

Now is our time !!!

@Harters talking about humor in the face of adversity, this news article really struck me. Yes, taking down the road signs is one thing, that achieves the goal of taking away anything that helps the enemy. (I know I don’t need to explain this to you my friend) However replacing those signs with signs that read “Turn around and go back to F"n Russia” that my friend is priceless.

Ukraine roads company removing road signs to confuse Russians (yahoo.com)


Priceless, indeed.

And, as good as the clip on our TV of the elderly Ukrainian woman speakig to a Russion soldier and offering him some sunflower seeds to keep in his pocket. “So that when we bury you, flowers will grow and some good will come of you being here” (or similar words).

Speaking of road signs, this is an absolutely genuine one in Southern England (and on topic for HO):


I’ve a good friend volunteering with Doctors Without Borders; he’s done a lot of work in Africa (he’s in Emergency Medicine), now hoping to be sent to Ukraine.


@elsie dee, thanks for posting. World Central Kitchen’s work feeding people in Ukraine, and the people fleeing for their safety, just came to my attention too. It was simple to contribute —kept us from floundering around figuring out what help we could immediately give.

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The DEC appeal has raised £55 million in its first 24 hours of operation (including the £20 million “pound for pound” matching by the government, which I mentioned earlier).


And, in the UK, it’s not just the charities and other NGOs who are trying to help out. It’s good for business as well - as indicated by this statement from our third largest supermarket chain, ASDA (until last year owned by Walmart)



Effing Brexit! :unamused:

Apparently British trucks heading to Poland with aid goods are being seriously delayed at the French border because the correct paperwork for imports has not been completed (on not completed correctly)

Disasters Emergency Committee is again repeating that cash donations to them are the best/quickest way for Britons to help.

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Concerning food (minus politics), that scene that the Ukrainians feeding a crying young Russian soldier with a cup of hot drink and pies and gave him a phone to call his mother was one of the memorable scene of this war.

(Edited to add the video)