Tim Hortons to open first UK branch in Glasgow

Presumably hoping to take on the likes of Costa.

A way to go to catch up on the existing chains branches:

Costa - 2000
Starbucks - 792
Caffe Nero - 620
Coffee Republic - 230

Well, I’ve spent most of my life in Canada and am not a Tim Hortons fan but of course I’ve had food from there many many many many times since they’re everywhere and during the cold winter months or very hot summer ones, my closest one was only metres from my front door - fast and easy. Their coffee is as good as any other drip coffee, their doughnuts are very good - especially Boston Creme, their muffins are nice and not too sweet, their cookies were reliable. Their breakfast sandwiches were just fine. Other things - not so much. Oh, the frappuccino is a runaway favourite - full fat and skinny. So I actually do like quite a lot of their things. They’re just not extraordinary. You can’t compare their coffee to places like Costa - drip coffee is a different animal than espresso based drinks. I hope Timmies does well in Glasgow because I do feel that nostalgic sense of Oh Canada. The prices are a bit off considering Greggs and Percy Ingles sell doughnuts at a lower price. But go try a Frappuccino and some Timbits and tell me what you think. (Sad to think 10 Timbits go for $2 Canadian and are 30p each in Glasgow but that’s the UK for you.) The Canadians in London are very upset Glasgow got one first but if you go to Trafalgar Square on 1st July - Canada Day, Canada’s 150th birthday - there’ll be Timmies for all