Tim Ho Wan (Asia Pacific)

Now that Tim Ho Wan is opening outposts everywhere- Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore, Australia, etc etc. and soon in South Korea and Manhattan, question for those who have been to these outposts: how do you find the quality?

I have not been to the Sham Shui Po original branch with the star (not that the star means much). I’ve only been to the Hong Kong IFC branch. While I found the food nice for the low price, I did not find it very memorable. So I am interested in folks’ opinion on their quality control at other branches, especially if you have been to the SSP branch.


I correct myself. the original branch was Mong Kok. I think I read it somewhere that the chef used to spend most time between the now closed Mong Kok branch and the SSP branch, hence the mixup.

Very inconsistent - the one at Mongkok was fabulous, but the one at IFC mall was just average. I tried 3 branches in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur, and they were all invariably quite nasty - just living off the Tim Ho Wan brand-name.

The owner should learn from Lee Garden to know how to do quality control of good food at scale.

Jetlagged and at IFC super early recently in a rainy morning. Ate at the IFC branch one more time since they were open early. The spinach dumpling stood out but the others unfortunately were average.