Tied House, Mountain View

Hey, just looking through my list of recent eats.

Teid House, MV. Some of you probably remember that there was more than one Tied House, and remember that they might have been the first of this thing now called a “brew pub”. While Anchor was brewing long before, they weren’t restaurant-ing on site. GB was a similar time.

With the massive explosion of good beer and good burgers, I hadn’t been to Teid house in a long time. I don’t love the room. The high ceilings are OK for a warm day, but in winter it just seems a bit faded and dated. I remember the food being more sysco++, and the beers no longer being the best. Almost at the end of the list: Steins, Refuge, Freewheel ( GF hates I like ), Faultline, Dan Gordon, even Eureka… only some of which brew on-prem.

On a lark, we stopped in, just beause we were too lazy to walk the extra 200 yards to Stein’s and my natural curiosity.

The room’s still dated. The service has slipped a bit. It’s still too big and cold in the winter. For sports, the TVs are too small.

The good news: much better beer. They now have lots of guest taps, and taps you won’t see at Steins or Eureka, resulting in a very pleasant experience.

I wasn’t fully satisfied by the burger. I got the upscale patty that was supposed to have rib meat and whatnot, and I’m not sure it was all that much better. Hope to stop in again.

It should be on your list for when Stein’s, Eureka, or others are full, at the very least.


What kind did they have when you went?

Oh, I wish I could remember. Sorry. And it looks like their website is lousy, otherwise I’d use it to remind myself.

So it’s really a Free House in UK parlance, name notwithstanding?

Not sure. They do brew on premises and sell that beer there, but they also have “guest beers”.

I thought a free house was owned by no brewery and thus had multiple brewery’s beers? I’m not up on the fine points of the definition of “free house”. Reading Wikipedia, there’s something about buying SOME of their beer from a particular brewery, but not all … so ???

There’s a number of places that do the same - the trend is growing. because people simply demand a broad selection, and some brewers won’t brew that many different kinds. Freewheel in RWC is similar - they have their own plus about 5 guest taps. Dan Gordon’s has their own plus Gordon Biersch, but that’s a special case.

Somewhat recommended: Blue Oak in San Carlos. No food. Next to a Cider place with 10 kinds of on-premise ciders.

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Give the Ghost Basco sauce a try next time you are there. LOL.

Forwarded to friends.

Should be a different topic, but the one time locally I’ve been felled by spice was something called “the revolver” at Izakaya Ginji in San Mateo. You get 6 stuffed peppers arranged in a circle, and one is filled with a devil’s brew of hot, the others are sweet and tasty, and you do them all in one go… that caused me to … empty stomach in the bathroom.