Thoughts on what to do with leftover syrup from candying citrus?

I must have about three quarts of orange syrup, and one quart each of lemon, pineapple and ginger syrup. All of it is at 70 degrees Brix.

Any idea on what to do with it?

I was thinking to make jelly with some of the orange but every recipe I can find online only talks in granulated sugar. I was also thinking of making a very strong tea and making a tea jelly with some of the lemon, but not sure if that would even work.

What do you do with your leftover syrups? Any thoughts on what to do with all this extra?

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Not a sweetie/no sweet tooth but I’ve used it in baking, on pancakes and yogurt etc.

You could use it in drinks. Some people make fruit leather. Add some to savoury sauces or gravy.

Needs quite a bit to soften/moisten the cake

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Besides pancake / crepes, yogurt… How about mulled wine, with a party, it will be gone instantly.

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Baking for sure - lovey basis for citrus cakes.

In cocktails in lieu of simple syrup or a muddled cube of sugar.


Could use it for a cake/cookie that gets soaked in syrup, such as karidopita , ravani, or melomakarona, or a pastry that gets drizzled, such as diples, baklava, kataifi or loukamades .

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Salad dressing, marinades, poured over ice cream, in place of sugar and flavorings in batter, french toast, in place of maple syrup. Shrub?


Are you saying as a flavoring, as in a tablespoon here and there or as the sugar in the recipe? I guess it is possible to figure out the amount of sugar vs water…


I had to Google that. Did not know. Interesting. Thanks.

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In addition to the great ideas above, you could mix it with clear liquor (vodka or, if you like it strong, Everclear) to make flavored liqueurs. You could also add gelatin to turn it into a solid dessert, though it might be too sweet unless you dilute it further.


That’s alot, but I would use it in drinks, mixed with seltzer water. You can put a tsp or two in a cup of tea. You could bake a cake and soak it in the syrup.


When something is too sweet, lemon juice is handy.


You’re halfway there!

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As the sugar in the recipe. I don’t often soak cakes in additional syrup, but I guess you could do that too.

I use shrubs often this way, the challenge there is the acidic element in addition.

With just sugar syrup, you can reduce the other liquid in the recipe without worrying about the chemistry of the acid too.

Baklava is also a lovely idea.

Another is italian meringue, which uses hot sugar syrup.

And yet another is brittle / other candy of some sort.

Gelatin…gummy bears! Oh, that is a good idea. Thanks!

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Thank you for this!

Baklava is a great idea!

I wonder if the oils from the peel in the syrup would interfere in making a meringue? I’m also wonder if those flavor elements would burn in taking the syrup to the higher temperatures in making caramel/brittle. Good ideas for me to research. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I think you’d probably be okay if you got the whites up to soft peaks before drizzling in the syrup. You could also experiment with Italian or Swiss buttercream frosting.

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