Thoughts on a Real Ontario Style Party

The following is cross posted from another thread and includes some thoughts on a real Ontario style party based on a number of these I have attended personally.

If it is winter, every one needs to wear pack boots and a toque.

In summer clothes are optional, especially at the lake, but bug spray for everyone is a must.

A big bonfire in the yard is essential to keep warm and deter bugs (even in winter). If it is raining don’t forget plenty of gas to get it started. If your party is successful be prepared for the lawn furniture to go on the fire.

Skinny dipping also happens in winter but then you have to keep your pack boots and toque on. You also need to double the wood for the fire. Best to add one of these to your shopping list:

For refreshments you will need the following.

1 20 oz. box of wheat crackers and some…

Back Bacon:

Smoked Lake Trout:

If you don’t have Lake Trout in your lake smoked Pickerel is acceptable substitute.

Moose Meatballs:

Recipe here:

One 2-4er of Labatts Blue per guest:

And several cases of Canadian Club, the 1.75 is preferred due to the handle which becomes necessary as the night goes on:

In terms of food to booze ratio for a real Canadian party if the party starts at 9:30pm you should plan so you run out of food at 10:15pm and booze around 3am.

Also it is advisable to check the Brewers Retail the afternoon of your party to see who else in town is buying big and follow them home. That way you can crash theirs if you run out.

Finally do not forget to include a couple of Newfies for entertainment:

If Newfies are not available in your area you could also show Red Green reruns:

Good Day!