Thoughts about Le District on The Battery...

It was an unusually mild winter’s day to walk The Battery in lower Manhattan. We stopped to survey Le District, the French-themed market and restaurant enclave at Brookfield Place. The offerings were tempting: we settled for Rotisserie chicken with sides and some pastries from the nearby Patisserie. Quite good! The restaurants and shops were buzzing. I can’t believe the beautiful work that has been done along Battery Park. Delightful!
Share your experiences, please…

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It’s a pathetic attempt at a French market.

For one, whether or not the pretzel was invented in France, it’s not something I ever expected to find at a place specializing in French products.
Also, the layout is not well-designed.

I’ll stick with the store in the West Village for now.

Just read that ‘Bar a Frites’ has opened in Le District. They were working on it during our recent run thru. They serve French frites with a variety of toppings. Will try on our next visit…

Would Le District be a good stop on Bastille Day weekend, July 14th? Where else can we celebrate the French culinary way?

I went to Le District once and it reminded me of a pavilion at Epcot. This (in my opinion) is way more fun.

Thanks! I have heard about this event but never attended. Sounds great…

You’re welcome! If the weather’s good, I’ll probably be there myself.

Benoit always does menu specials for Bastille day that are a great deal, i don’t see a link on their website but it’s just a daily menu special.
Actually not far from that festival

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