Thomas Keller at the Coral Casino restaurant in Montecito

Coral Casino is next to the Biltmore Hotel. They’ve both been closed since Covid started. Ty Warner has separated Cotal Casino from Baltimore and it’s still a private club but dining will be open to the public. Great location right on the beach. Keller pick seems a bit uninspired but probably a good fit for Montecito.

••• Huge news for Montecito’s restaurant scene: Thomas Keller, one of the world’s most famous chefs (French Laundry, Per Se, etc.), will run the food and beverage program at the Coral Casino, and as previously reported, the restaurant will be open to the public. Not word yet on when the club will reopen, though.


I will be happy to go to this place when it opens!

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Thomas Keller’s culinary expertise at the Coral Casino in Montecito is undoubtedly a treat.