Thomas Keller apologizes for Per Se . . . (NYC, NY)

As reported by Eater NY, Thomas Keller basically apologized after Per Se received a 2-star review from New York Times restaurant reviewer Peter Wells.

Click on the above link to read the article, and Keller’s “apology.”

Some friends and I were planning a big trip to NYC in a year or so to do Per Se.

After Pete Wells’ review, we’re not planning that trip anymore, and Keller’s memo doesn’t do anything to convince me otherwise.

Allow me to translate for Keller: “Shit happens.”


Tragic meal at per se, by a blowhard who is paid to stuff his maw - Truly white people problems

Well, except for the people of color I know who’ve eaten there, I suppose you must be right.

I think the whole point of the review was to say “this isn’t worth your cash”.

Pete Wells’ whole MO is to knock elitist food off of its pedestal and remind people that food is supposed to be accessible, tasty, and fun. He gave Per Se two stars because over the course of three incredibly expensive meals, he felt utterly ripped off and disgusted by the mediocre food and service at astronomical prices. And he called them on it.

Hopefully the black, white, Asian, and Latino people who might eat there will have some fresh perspective on how they want to spend their dining dollars.

That whole “white people problem” thing comes from peteyboy’s own comments about a resto a while back. Truly insensitive on so many levels