Thmor Da (Revere, MA) Shines With Bright, Punchy, Potent Cambodian Flavors

We were craving the crisp, mouth-filling, deeply-layered flavors of Cambodian food, so guided by our foodie savant Galangatron, my sister and I ventured to just near Revere Beach on Saturday for a new experience. Thmor Da welcomed us with open arms in their small storefront on Shirley Ave., cheek-by-jowl with a couple of superb Cambodian markets. At Galangatron’s urging we ordered the Tiger’s Tear with Spicy Sauce salad (asking for it not to be incendiary), sour soup with shrimp, and the fried quail.

First of all, if KFC ever decides to go into the fried quail (teriyaki style) business, they’re gonna clean up! Every morsel was flavorful, sweetly delicious, and the teensy bones eminently crunchable. Wowza! There were actually five quail pieces, but we snarfed down two before we remembered to take a photo.

The Tiger’s Tears was hot and spicy, but not sear-the-roof-of-your-mouth so, with charcoal grilled slices of marinated flank steak and plenty of fresh veg. We spooned up the limey sauce so there was nothing left on the plate. The sour shrimp soup was a wonder…light but still deeply savory, fresh tomatoes, delicately fresh (and not overcooked) shrimp, in a nearly clear broth that burst with flavor. It was slightly garlicky, lemon-grassey, with what I think were chiffonade of magrood lime leaves. We kept going back to it and only took the tiniest bit home.

Hospitality and service could not have been warmer or more welcoming and we cannot wait for our next trip.


Great report and pics, thanks for posting!

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that sounds fantastic and reminds me that the last time I went they were closed for vacation. Must try again!

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Thanks for the great write up. Incidentally, Thmor Da was the first of 6 restaurants mentioned by MC Slim JB in his tribute to Jonathan Gold.

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