This weekend in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

I’m taking it upon myself to start a thread for my part of the world and encourage those of you who also read all kinds of food-related info to do the same! I’ll add posts on a regular basis.

So here’s what I know about for this coming weekend:

Jersey Shore Greek Festival
Friday, Saturday and Sunday; June 24, 25, and 26th 2016
Friday: 5:00pm to 11:00pm, Saturday: 2:00pm to 11:00pm, and Sunday: 1:00pm to 8:00pm
St. George Greek Orthodox Church
1033 West Park Avenue
Ocean, New Jersey 07712

This event features authentic Greek food and pastries prepared by community parishioners from recipes handed down over generations. In addition there will be Games and Rides, Greek Folk Dancing , Religious Gifts, Books, and Icons Greek Food Store and activities fir children with a Little Kids Playground. Free parking at Ocean Township High School 550 W Park Ave, Oakhurst, NJ AND Ocean Township Intermediate School 1200 W Park Ave, Ocean Township, NJ Free shuttles from both schools!

ETA: Their website does have a menu (click under the picture of the Greek grandma!)

More as I hear about stuff… please chime in with your own info! @seal @joonjoon @NotJrvedivici

Just saw signs for Lobsterfest in Bradley Beach this weekend too…

I used to go to Greek “festivals” a little further up north, maybe around Old Bridge or something, and it was basically the dumbest things I’ve ever been to. You pay money to get in, which grants you the privilege of paying 8$ to stand in line for a Gyro you can get anywhere for less. “Entertainment” consists of a bunch of kids not really dancing to some Greek music every so often. Wonderful times.

I hope they throw a better party in Ocean. :wink:

We went to the Greek Festival two weekends ago in Holmdel. The food was mediocre & they had some radio station instead of Greek music. I like a little bazouki with my youvetsi. AND…no greek coffee.

The menu looks better for this fest.

I hear you @joonjoon but the menu for this one was impressive, imo!

I’m pretty sure that’s the one I was thinking of. What a joke, those people should be ashamed of themselves.

@CurlzNJ You should take one for the team and go check it out! :wink: I would but I’m still bitter about all the time and money I wasted at the other one. :smile:

Best local guide to what’s up:

Just looked and saw there’s also a taste of highlands coming up

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