This or that? What's your preference ...

Hot dogs or burger?

Potato or tortilla chips?

Beef or pork ribs?

Fried rice or chow mien?

Burritos or tacos?

Fries or tater tots?

Donuts or croissants?

Milkshake or float?

Chicken wings or Fish N Chips?

Chocolate cake or cheesecake?

I’ll start.

  • Burger

  • Tortilla chips

  • Pork

  • Fried rice

  • Burritos

  • Donuts

  • Milkshake

  • Fish N Chips

  • Cheesecake

Potato Chips (lightly salted, not flavored)
Pork Ribs
Fried rice
Fries if I’m out; tater tots at home
Croissants, if made with butter from a good bakery
Fish and Chips
Chocolate cake

Potato chips (cheese & onion preferred)
Pork ribs (I don’t think I’ve ever come across beef ribs)
No preference
Fries (I don’t know what a tater tot is)
No preference
Fish & chips

Tater tots are potatoes that are shredded or diced (similar to a hash brown) and formed into little nuggets, then fried or baked.
Ore-Ida is a US national brand that sells them

Hot dogs or burger?.. depends on the dog and burger. We have a stand here called Shoestring that makes the most amazing chili dog, but other than that it’s a burger.

Potato or tortilla chips?.. By themselves, tortilla chips with salsa & guac. But with a tuna sandwich definitely potato.

Beef or pork ribs?.. pork!

Fried rice or chow mien?.. By itself, chow mein. But with other stuff, maybe fried rice.

Burritos or tacos?.. again, by itself a burrito. With rice and refried beans, tacos.

Fries or tater tots?.. fries.

Donuts or croissants?.. donuts. Believe it or not, there is a gas station up here that gets the most AMAZING donuts/fritters from a place in Nevada.

Milkshake or float?.. milkshake (ideally a malted one).

Chicken wings or Fish N Chips?.. fish and chips!

Chocolate cake or cheesecake?.. if that is a German choc cake, it’s a toss up.

Chicken wings and fish and chips have no relationship.


Burger (Impossible or Beyond or Boca)

Potato chips

Tuna ribs

Chow mein


Fries and tater tots



Fish ‘n’ chips


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True. Should be fried chicken basket or fish & chips.


What are tuna ribs? I’ve never heard of them.

Raw ribs after a good deal of the meat has been removed for other uses. You can get them at some sushi bars. Kanoyama in Manhattan serves them with nori and rice and wasabi, so you can scrape yourself some handrolls.

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Hot dogs or burger? BURGER
Potato or tortilla chips? POTATO CHIPS
Beef or pork ribs? PORK
Fried rice or chow mien? FRIED RICE
Burritos or tacos? BURRITOS
Fries or tater tots? FRIES
Donuts or croissants? CRONUTS :wink:
Milkshake or float? MILKSHAKE
Chicken wings or Fish N Chips? FISH & CHIPS
Chocolate cake or cheesecake? CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE :wink: (again)

If it’s a fried chicken basket, I’ll take that over F&C.

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Potato chips

pork ribs

Fried rice

Burritos or tacos / either

tater tots



Chicken wings

Chocolate cake

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Pork ribs
Fried Rice

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Hot dogs or burger? Burger

Potato or tortilla chips? Tortilla chips

Beef or pork ribs? Yes.

Fried rice or chow mien? Noodles. My neck of the woods (Boston Area) calls it lo mein though.

Burritos or tacos? Tacos before/during drinking, burritos for the hangover.

Fries or tater tots? Onion rings.

Donuts or croissants? Don’t have a preference.

Milkshake or float? Why would I do either of those things to ice cream?

Chicken wings or Fish N Chips? Probably wings.

Chocolate cake or cheesecake? Chocolate cheesecake.

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Burgers mostly, but a chilidog is nice sometimes.

No snack chips.

Pork AND beef ribs! (Poor John! (@Harters))

Fried rice! Lots of leftovers go in it.


Fries over tots.

Rarely eat either (donut/croissant)

Shake me up.

Chicken wings. (I suspect I’ve never had well-prepared Fish/Chips, though.)


Hot dogs or burger? 50/50
Potato or tortilla chips? Potato chips
Beef or pork ribs? Pork ribs
Fried rice or chow mien? Fried rice
Burritos or tacos? Tacos
Fries or tater tots? Fries
Donuts or croissants? Neither, I like maple bars
Milkshake or float? Milkshake but I love root beer floats
Chicken wings or Fish N Chips? Chicken wings
Chocolate cake or cheesecake? Cheesecake, did somebody say chocolate cheesecake?


I’m going to admit that the best fish & chips I’ve ever had was from Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips fast food chain many many many MANY years ago (mid-1970s), before they were sold to Mrs. Paul’s, who tried to foist pollack on customers vs. the originally used cod. NOTE: I’ve never had fish & chips at a chippy shop in England.

There’s only 1 restaurant left in the U.S. in Ohio, where the chain started.


I really dislike French fries. They’re nothing but filler. Fortunately a lot of our seasonal clam shacks offer a side of coleslaw as an alternative and I really appreciate that.