Third Culture Bakery [Berkeley]

I finally made it to the Third Culture Bakery showroom in West Berkeley. They’ve been on my radar, and although they sell their goods at Catahoula Coffee in both Berkeley and Richmond, neither locations have anything left by the time I make it over there.

If you’re a fan of mochi baked goods (think Hawaiian butter mochi) this place is for you! So far, My favorites are the passionfruit/mango donut, the blueberry cinnamon donut, and the mochi muffin. I’ve also tried the matcha donut, matcha custard cake, and the ube custard cake, which were all good, but I like the bright fruit and the sesame/pandan flavors the best. Currently, the donuts are only available at the showroom on Fridays and Saturdays.


The mochi muffins are amazing. I had no idea there was a full location over in Berkeley, or that they made donuts - normally I only see the muffins and maybe a custard cake in the coffee shops around me. Boba Guys and Contrabrand Coffee both seem to be carrying them these days, as well as a number of smaller coffee shops. They’re even branching out a little beyond SF and Berkeley/Oakland - I completely accidentally ran across their one customer in San Jose last weekend.

Map of places carrying their stuff: