Things that make ya go hmmm?

I just finished reading a review of restaurant of a micro brewery pub that turned into a small chain.

I ate at the Ottawa branch of this particular restaurant and it was pretty lack lustre, which imho left me a bit surprised that they opened yet another mediocre restaurant.

Reading the review, I came across " the venison Rueben is a welcome spin…" My face immediately cringed and my stomach tensed at the thought of the flavour profile.

Venison seems so wrong to be used like this-

When I think Rueben, I think sauerkraut totally overpowering any of the gamey appeal of the venison. The lean nature venison makes me think the meat would be horribly dry. I can’t even fathom how corned beef brine and spicing would work with a game meat?

The worst part is the review leaves you hanging- did they try the venison Rueben? There is not comment on it being good, etc which leads me to think not?

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First off, what does true mean in relation to Vegetarian? Weird.
And calamari in lobster sauce? Hmm.
But wild rice rice pudding - now that doesn’t sound appetizing at all. If I am someplace to drink beer I want comfort food, not space age takes of old favorites. My $.02. :slight_smile:

I can’t talk about in this case at all, and it doesn’t sound like the type of place that should try anything other than basic pub grub.

But sauerkraut goes fantastically well with game of all types. Especially homemade sauerkraut. This is a thousand year old cooking practice, game and kraut. It cuts through any excessive gaminess, and balances out both lean and fatty cuts of meat. If you roast or fry game, and then finish off with a slow cook in with the sauerkraut, you can get a fantastic dish that makes the meat moist and wonderful. Just last month I browned some venison stew meat and then cooked in my own very young homemade sauerkraut to finish, with onion and a tomato added to the kraut, plus some extra dark maple syrup, served with boiled fingerling potatoes. Fantastic.

And venison is great corned. I had a roast that had been vac packed in the freezer for almost two years, and corned it. (Usual brine and spices as beef, but with additional juniper berries too.) You just have to go gentle on the final steam, but it actually improves tenderness, flavor, and texture if done well.


I have to admit, bbqboy, I had to re-read the review several times before I found the “true” Vegetarian bit! LOL.

Yes, the calamari just seems bizarre- I like a variety of squid preparations. Squid in a cream sauce doesn’t appeal. Throw in chunks of sweet, roasted squash kind makes me want to gag. The lobster just seems like a waste of an expensive ingredient.

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We are on the same wavelength. :slight_smile: