They don't make things like they used to: Levi's frex

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If you do, I’m older and more crotchety. I wore boy’s Landlubbers, too, lol. Size 24 or 26 hip huggers. I always used to try to wear my new Levi’s 501s into the ocean; the salt water just made them instantly aged and comfy and molded to me.

OMG Landlubbers. I wore the lowest of the low. The bottoms wore out since I never wore shoes in those days. Thanks for the memories.

I never wore them in the ocean though, due to the cautionary tale of Eddie Money :wink: Or is that another of those urban legends?

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Landlubbers!!! And they always frayed at the edges cause they dragged on the ground!

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I not only went barefoot back then, and also had shredded bottoms on the backs of my Landlubber bells, but I spent whole days walking around NYC barefoot… BLECCCH!

I don’t know the Eddie Money reference.

I seem to remember Eddie Money getting kind of drunk and going in the water at Jones Beach and then he fell asleep overnight on the beach; meanwhile the new Levis he was wearing shrunk so much that he was almost paralyzed for life. I could swear I actually heard him telling this story himself. Now that I’ve thrown it out there, I’ll actually research the issue! Back in the days before Snope…

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Walmart the same, in case anyone still shops there :wink: I had a pair of “their” Levis fall apart the first time I washed them and complained to Levis. They told me Walmart’s are made in Mexico, as opposed to the normal ones made in the US. Oh, no wonder they’re half the price…

I’ve been a lifelong Levi’s loyalist, but even the ones you buy directly from Levi’s are poorly made. They don’t fall apart on the first wash, but not only is the denim fabric and content inferior to past versions, but the sizing is ridiculous. I do mail order a lot, and to get 2 pair to fit my husband, had to buy 5 and return the three that either gave him severe wedgies, often front and back, or baggy in front, wedgie in back, etc. Sizing is totally unreliable from them, too. Just bought him his first pair of Lee’s straight leg (505 wearer, usually) and he first pair in his size 34/34 fit perfectly, in every way.

At one point, I wore three different sizes in Levi’s several years back, from 4-10 and all in between depending on what style and when I bought them.

Guess they’re all made in Mexico now! Boy, they used to last for five or ten years, or at least so it seemed. They didn’t even break in for the first year or so. Boy I sound like a crotchety oldster, don’t I :wink:

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The Gap used to be all Levi’s. Now they are just crap and if you buy any dark ones the dye comes off on everything! I found that out on my cream leather car seats! They turned blue. What a job getting those clean again!

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I gave up on Gap jeans years ago, sizing was even worse than Levi’s. I also have dark blue staining on the back side of an Ugg cross body bag I just love… and across the top of butter colored suede boots… Only mild darkening of the seats on my old car, which were beige leather, not terrible, but noticeable. New car is black leather, thankfully.

You know what we’re talkin’ about :wink:

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That was all the rage. Did you dip a brush into bleach and paint a peace sign onto the front of your jeans leg, too?

I took the 3D picture off the front of Satanic Majesties Request and sewed them on my ass (of my jeans of course). Bwaahaahaa…still alive and kicking.

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Nope. But I bought them in the Village! And my Fred Braun’s.

Round or square toe Fred Braun’s? I had both, but hated the square.

Round. I loved those shoes!

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