These or similar noodles in SF?

spied these gourmet master and havista brand fresh noodles at the new Hmart in Austin, TX. I’m curious about the different regional kinds for home cooking, like the Shanxi knife ones. And what are wife’s noodles anyway?

Since I live in SF I thought I’d ask where I should start looking for these when I get home. And does anyone have any experience with these brands?

I haven’t seen those brands, but you can probably find all those noodle styles at a store like New May Wah. Most fresh noodles (other than vacuum packed) are local, and the ones here come from Southern Calfornia if not the Bay Area.

Not sure what “Old Wife’s Noodles” are, but “hand rolled noodles” is a pretty generic term. Maybe a plain noodle like the “yangchun” noodles my wife feeds me when she’s too busy to cook something elaborate.

I’m not familiar with these brands either. The Wang brand “Korean knife cut fresh noodle”, available at most Korean markets (the one on Fillmore) and Manilla Market on Mission are great for dan dan mian or zha Jiang mian.

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