There's a Taco Party going on in Ball Square [Somerville MA]

We always try and go out in the snow. Thus, our slow trudge up to Ball Square tonight. Some of us needed waffles, so we had to go to Sound Bites. The needs of a 3 year old who’s been made to walk 1/2 mile in the snow are not to be denied. However, we made it across the street for dessert at Taco party’s associated vegan bakery. How strange! A vegan taco joint and bakery. We had coconut and lavender donuts ($3 each) which we split up and shared around. If you don’t think of them as donuts, they were quite good. Yes, that’s an odd qualifier. But if you’re expecting a donut, they are an odd wet texture. If you can reframe them in your mind as a ring-shaped-pudding-cake confection, you will be better off. Flavor was nice and coconutty or lavendery respectively.

Anyways, I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the actual tacos. They’ve got seitan, tofu, sweet potato, vegan sausage, jackfruit?! A veritable cornucopia of tacos you can’t get anywhere else in town. My curiosity is piqued. Onions, investigate!


I’ve been a few times, but only once during taco time. I had the fried tofu and the chimchurri tempeh — the tofu was nice and light, crispy, still soft on the inside, and I liked the garlic sauce on it. The tempeh was great: nutty and savory with a really tasty, bright chimchurri sauce. I definitely want to try the jackfruit.

I’ve tried several of the vegan donuts at Sabertooth, and I definitely agree that if you’re going in expecting a typical donut texture, you’ll be surprised. They almost taste like cookie dough or undercooked cake. Nice flavors if you can roll with the texture.

Quick follow-up: Sabertooth Bakery, inside Taco Party, is closing in the next few weeks as the owner moves to California.

Figures (moving to Cali). I think vegan tacos belong more in the California roll or burrito category. Vegan tacos seem all wrong.

Not if you’re a vegan.

Taco Party isn’t closing. They often have a good crowd inside and their food truck is popular. Only the vegan bakery part is closing.

Rather great flavorful tacos. Not greasy, cheap feeling, or too tiny like many of the new wave of $3 taco places are. I’ve had the tofu, tempeh, and seitan ones several times and have not been disappointed. As for sides, the chips and dip are great, but the beans and rice were a bit bland. Definitely know some omnivores who go there too.

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