There's a barbecue joint behind the Bay Area's Richmond refineries!


That article is a GREAT read. Makes you want to run right out there and bask in the sun!

I thought it might be near Bull ValleyRoadhousein Port Costa…Similar story.

Looks like it survived!

I think that use to be a biker bar-ish, many years ago.

There are certainly a lot of bikers in a place that shares the parking lot with Bull Valley Roadhouse. We really like Bull Valley Roadhouse, and while both son and husband “ride”, they don’t really “blend in” with the crowd in the parking lot.

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Fun place. Big art. Houseboats. Weed-eating goats. Abandoned train tracks with lights on them. (Must be cool in the dark, but the road closes at nine pm, so I’m not sure how that works. ) All great, except for the relentless wind.

The food was good, though not particularly special. We got it to go, but we’ll be back to eat there. We shared two meats and three sides: pulled chicken, smoked turkey, mushrooms and onions, creamed corn and very garlicky beans. They were out of potato salad. At first $38 seemed steep, but there’s actually quite a lot of food in there.


Ate there last Sun. for late lunch Seems to be music at weekends which created a fun atmosphere. Agree that at first prices seem on higher side but portions are good. Sides were mixed - creamed corn seemed somehow a little off, mac n cheese was fine, greens were good and mushrooms and onions were little disappointing. I think the mushrooms had sat around too long. Had key lime dessert which was good. They also have good choices of wines, ciders, beers and NA drinks. We didnt have to wait too long since it was a very late lunch but I imagine it could be slow at peak times at weekends as dinner guests were beginning to roll in when we left around 4:30pm

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold