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Any suggestions for lunch near the theaters?

Today we tried Tony DiNapoli. I’m not a big fan of family style. The salad was delicious, the pasta sauce was very sweet.
In the past we have found Juniors to be hit or miss-- but the cheesecake is always a hit!
Any suggestions for our next theatre date?

Toloache for Mexican, Larb Ubol for authentic Thai.

Ponche Taqueria on 49th is good and very reasonably priced. Pam Real Thai on 49th is usually reliable. I like Obao on 9th in the mid-40s for Vietnamese. Which cuisines do you prefer?

I haven’t been to Esca in a while, but my memories of it are good. Marseilles is nice, as is Taboon. I like Ollie’s for their Szechuan stuff. Something’s going on with Blue Fin that might be an improvement, so keep an eye on that, too (it’s not worth your time in its current incarnation, I don’t think). Second Toloache and Pam Real.

Blue Fin re-did the interior. It is one of our go to spots pre-theater.

I’ve had brunch there a few times, and sushi at the front bar. It’s not one of my favorites, but what I was referring to (and too lazy to actually do thirty seconds of research, which I have now found the energy to do) was their new izakaya.

Agreed on Esca and Marseilles - both solid choices. I haven’t been to Taboon but I’ll keep it in mind!

Thanks everyone. Lot’s of new places to try!

We had a nice brunch not too long ago at The Marshal, and good dinners at Mercato and Gazala’s Place.

Also had a great brunch at The Marshall recently and one of my favorite quick lunch spots is a little further up at Danji. I absolutely love their Tofu with Ginger Scallion Sauce and their Bulgogi Beef Sliders.

That stuff is scary good.

+1 for The Marshal, larb ubol, pam real thai, Gazala’s Place
Don Antonio’s for pizza
Haru works for not astronomical yet good sushi
Ippudo or totto ramen

Can’t wait to make theatre plans so I can try these new places! Thanks all!

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Although beyond the scope of this site note that there are several websites now that offer last minute tickets- no more lines! Todaytix, and tkts as well as several others for discounted tix a few days before or day of

How about Le Bernardin for high end / seafood?

Thanks! Had a nice lunch at Toloache on Sunday. Cute place, nice food, friendly service. Will definitely go again!

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If you get a chance to see The Encounter, don’t miss it. It was fantastic. Also to stay on topic, we’ve eaten at Marseille twice before shows and enjoyed it very much. Also we love the House Of Brews on 8th and 51st for pre-show drinking. They have some great stuff on tap.

We JUST THIS SECOND got tickets for next Wednesday. Glad to know it’s good!

I was just in that area for work - went to three places that I liked

Ippudo for ramen (mentioned above as well)
Pure Thai Cookhouse (very small but food was good)
44&X (nothing super unusual but we had good food and great cocktails)

My wife and I see a lot of theater, and it was one of the most unique and enjoyable theater experiences we’ve ever had.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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