The World Restaurant Awards 2019 winners

It was announced yesterday in Paris. Check out the link for photos and more about the listing.

  • Big Plates award-winners

Original Thinking - Le Clarence, France

Off-Map Destination - Wolfgat, South Africa

No Reservations Required - Mocotó, Brazil

House Special - Lido 84 (Cacio e Pepe), Italy

Forward Drinking - Mugaritz, Spain

Event of the Year - Refugee Food Festival, various locations

Ethical Thinking - Refettorio (Food for Soul), various locations

Collaboration of the Year - Paradiso X Gortnanairn, Ireland

Atmosphere - Vespertine, USA

Enduring Classic - La Mère Brazier, France

Arrival of the Year - Inua, Japan

Restaurant of Year - Wolfgat, South Africa

  • Small Plates award-winners

Tweezer-Free Kitchen - Bo.Lan, Thailand

Trolley of the Year - Ballymaloe House, Ireland

Tattoo-Free Chef - Alain Ducasse, France

Instagram Account - Alain Passard, France

Long-Form Journalism - Lisa Abend (Fool Magazine), USA and Sweden

Red-Wine Serving Restaurant - Noble Rot, UK