The Woodlands, Houston

Hi All! Heading to The Woodlands this weekend for a wedding. Any don’t miss places? We will have a car.
Barbecue? Tex-Mex? Pizza? TIA!

When I’m in the Woodlands, I like to go to Republic Grille for the chicken fried chicken with jalapeño gravy, but everything on the menu is good. For acclaimed upscale dining, TRIS is top tier. They also have a happy hour menu for more casual dining. BBQ would be the famed CorkScrew.

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Tejas isn’t far either, and is pretty unique.

It’s worth the drive to Pinkerton’s.

Thanks all! Here are the spots we got to:

TRIS for happy hour. Really good food and drinks. The highlight was a massive pile of charred shisito peppers.
Snooze for breakfast. I enjoyed the “Goldilocks Porridge” and chorizo sausage patty (nice kick).
Corkscrew BBQ: Superb brisket and sausage
Black Walnut: Had a solid yogurt-fruit bowl at this popular casual spot
Tosca: We enjoyed a variety of delicious pastries: Cannoli, berry crumbcake/muffin, raspberry danish, pistachio morning bun. The savory stuff – pizza and panini etc – looked really good too.
Two of the events were catered by Hearsay on the Waterway and their food was quite good!