The Winners, Marshall’s and Homesense thread [Ontario]

I stopped by my local Winners and bought a Godiva advent calendar, some British champagne truffles and a box of Godiva chocolates.

They have some upscale panettones again, too.


As at least one of those boxes is British, I must pop in to our local Homesense and see if they have them in stock here. I lurve a champage truffle

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In the past, pre-2020, our Winners and Homesense often had the Charbonnel et Walker champagne truffles, but I didn’t see any on this visit.

I have also learned, that, at least in Canada, Homesense and Winners have unbelievable reductions on the holiday treats on Dec 23rd and 24th. Even 75 percent off their already low prices on some holiday foods, drinks and ingredients.


My fave.

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Mary McLeod’s Shortbread at a Homesense in London, On.

Vergani Pandoro and a Vergani Panettone (not pictured). A different one than Eataly is selling.

Harry & David Moose Munch

Charbonneau et Walker chocolates

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I’m still lamenting the closure of the Bernard Callebaut chocolate shops. Their champagne truffles were really superb, and were shaped like truffles, with no hard shell; they just melted on the tongue. And this time of year they used to also make brandied cherries. Unfortunately Mr. Callebaut went broke.

I think Charbonnel et Walker was the Queen’s favorite brand too, so Harters was in good company. I should check Winners and Homesense.

Phoenikia, have you tried the truffles at Stubbe Chocolates?


There are still some Callebaut chocolates available in Calgary, London, and online. I lived in an apartment above a Callebaut shop in Calgary for 3 years :slight_smile:

I also went to university with the owner of the London shop . I guess there have been some changes- the chocolate is now called Master Chocolat, and is brought in from Calgary. Unfortunately, I don’t see champagne truffles offered.

Here is my classmate’s website, if you would like to order from her. Her shop is called Chocolate London, located on Springbank Drive, and she also operates Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes.

I’ve tried other items at Stubbe, but not for several years. I don’t think I tried the champagne truffle. I’ve tried Teuscher champagne truffles, but it’s been a long time.

I would have bought a box of assorted truffles at Stubbe.

I buy champagne truffles if I see them at Winners or Homesense.

When I’m at a chocolate shop and ordering specific chocolates or truffles, I lean towards the chocolates with caramel, coffee or vanilla cream centres, or English toffee.

I didn’t like the Holdsworth Champagne Truffles very much. A little waxy and too sweet. Teuscher or Neuhaus champagne truffles are better. I don’t know if anyone sells Neuhaus in Toronto.

I’ll stop by Stubbe before Xmas, buy a truffle to try it.

Bernard Callebaut sold the name a while ago, and things were not the same after. It’s been years since I was last at a store.

I used to be a fixture (almost) at his store in Ottawa as I worked just down the street. After it closed I used to pick up chocolate across the country when traveling on business.


The boxes of truffles were my go-to hostess gift in LondonOn until 2020.

I didn’t realize the name had been sold. Thanks for mentioning that.

Not at Winners, Marshall’s or Homesense, but at my local Indigo: most Xmas Sugarfina candies are reduced to $5 and Charbonnel et Walker truffles are half price, reduced to $15. I bought a few boxes of the Charbonnel et Walker dark chocolate truffles.

I was very tempted by those truffles!

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