The untimely death of a Boston-area food lover

Many of you will have known her as yumyum.

Very sad! May she rest in peace and the chow afterlife.

thanks for posting this sad news. yumyum was a frequent Boston board poster during the golden age of Chowhound.

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RIP yumyum

I saw this obituary and didn’t realize that this was yumyum. So very young. What a total loss and so very sad.

Oh, this is so sad. Yumyum was so delightful, and shared so much of her knowledge, humor and experience with fellow hounds. It was always a day-brightener to read her posts. She will truly be missed. Condolences to her family and friends.

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I thought that a good way to honor yumyum would be to share samples of her writing.
Here are a few that I’ve dug up after a quick search:

27 July 2010 - 03:58 PM
First of all, you get to sample the best cheeses from VT, NY, MA, and RI. All of these guys are doing it locally and with great care and gravitas. Secondly, cheese people are heeelarious ... earnest but mellow, wanting to jawbone your ear off or not saying a peep.
Sep 2, 2011 11:41 AM
I went to the Mt. Vernon today for a "fuck it, had a a hard week can't stand it, get me a steak" kinda meal. That was all good. Behind me walked in a visitor who had clearly heard about Mt Vernon's twin lobster specials from out of town.
My lovely waitress (Judi -- lets remember that name) noticed about halfway into the fellow's dining experience that he'd not touched his lobster. She went over and gently asked, "do you need help with that?" to which he replied shyly "I've never had lobster before." she said "Wait a minute and I'll wash my hands!" and was back in a flash. She showed him, with no pretense and no attitude, how to separate the body from the tail what to do with the claws, and how to suck out the legs. She didn't make him feel awkward or weird. She just did it.
I gave her a 300% tip based on what I had seen. ... Not only did Judi take care of me, and all the other tables in the place but she took time to show this Taiwanese visitor how to wrastle a bug, and I appreciate that.
It was just a cool "we're not a bunch of Boston A-holes" day. Wanted to share.
Aug 14, 2012 06:43 PM
I liked the beef/seafood combo too and now you have me craving a seafood pancake. Best I've found so far might be at chun ki wah in meffa. But let's face it even a middling pancake can scratch that itch.
Mar 29, 2010 07:58 AM
I was also really jonesing for the turnip cake others here have mentioned. I didn't find it on the menu, but did find "Tulip cake" on the weekend dim sum menu. There are enough other lulzy typos on the menu (see: "deep fried Doug") that I figured that must be it. When I asked the lady if tulip cake is only offered on weekends, she said she'd be happy to make some up for me. I was elated.
15 minutes later I was taking an enormous bag of food to the car. This would be enough for lunch, dinner, and leftovers all weekend. The smell was driving me nuts on the way home but it was a pretty quick drive back to Somerville (um, sorry officer, I was going 80, but for god's sake man I have steaming Taiwanese food here!).
First thing's first. The Tulip cake is not turnip cake, but it is a deep fried pastry with a light and delicate filling of bean sprouts, diced pork, and other veg. Cut to look like tulip petals, the flaky pastry was a good representative sample of what great Taiwanese chefs can do with a deep fryer. Not creamy turnip cake, but very good. Made me worry about poor Doug though.
Dec 14, 2006 06:46 PM
Ya know ... I was lucky to be able to compare the cubano at Chez Henri to the one at the Plough and Stars over this past week. The P&S version is not too shabby (although they use gherkins instead of pickle strips which is a little annoying), but I'm changing my last meal request to the amazing sandwich at Chez Henri. Alert the warden. That's what I want before heading to the chair.

What a quick and ready wit. So full of fun. Thank you for sharing. My prayers and condolences to Amy’s family. Sounds like she was the ultimate Hound and Onion. <3


These brought a smile to my lips and a tear to my eye.


such a fun set of posts, such a sad thing, what a terrible loss


Oh, thanks so much for these beautiful posts, foodabbler. A beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful and delightful person.


Heartbreaking. I shared a few meals with her over the years. I suppose if there’s any scant consolation for the loss of one dying so young, it’s in having seen her gusto for great food at every level, and in reading her lovely writing about it. A credit to the Chowhound ethos, and a truly lovely, funny, bright, singular human being.