The Truffle Hunters movie now streaming

The Truffle Hunters film has been released to streaming at long last.

Do you like truffles? Dogs? Italy? Then you might enjoy this movie as much as we did.


We went on a truffle hunt several years ago in Molise, It. It was brown summer truffles we were looking for with Jimmy the truffle dog and his owner. It was not in a forest but on a hillside planted with evenly spaced oaks. Jimmy was a young dog and found several. But his master was disappointed in his performance. These truffles are in large part sold to German restaurants. But a lot of the truffles harvested in Molise are “exported” to Alba and sold as local truffles.
The family who owned the business made a lunch for us. Every dish had truffles. Because there was a vegetarian in the group mamma made a bunch of extra dishes in the last minute to accommodate him. We could barely move by the time we left. The truffles were so intense I cannot imagine what the white truffles are like. It was quite an experience. Unfortunately I have lost the contact information.


What a wonderful experience you had!

We have been to a local truffle festival in Piemonte in fall and would return if we got the chance. Of course we didn’t get to sample the fancy stuff—maybe someday. Nice to dream of good things. And to save up in hopes of traveling again.


Alba, Piedmont Designation of Origin White truffs are much more delicate than winter or summer truffs.

It is common to see them prepared with fish.