"The true origin of French macarons"

I’m always left a bit puzzled when I read articles like this:

French macarons were so familiar when I first tasted them because I had grown up eating Iraqi Jewish almond macaroons… close in flavor and texture (aside from the meringue and the technicality of their process, because: French).

Here’s Joan Nathan on it:

And the same article without NYT paywall:

And this story from BA:


Our local bakery has a little sign with pictures of:
A macaron
A macaroon
Emmanuel Macron
I wish I had a pic to post here. It is precious.


Throw a macro in there and they’re covered.

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I thought the French got the idea from the Greeks. :greece:
Melomakarona :arrow_right: Makarona :arrow_right: Macaron

There it is!!! Thanks for showing this. I just love it.

I was shocked I say, shocked to read the true origin of the macaron. I swore it was across town at Patisserie 46. :astonished: