The Traditional Dish for February Second

The traditional dish for Feb second is, of course, sausage.
For Ground Hog Day.


something I was previously unaware of: Nova Scotia has precious few groundhogs, so they have Lucy the Lobster.

What sort of sausage goes with lobster?


seafood sausage. Duh.


but… ground hog

Groundhogs are tasty if barbecued correctly.

Ground quahog sausage


Nova Scotia also has its own Groundhog, the 2nd most famous groundhog in Canada after Wiarton Willie.

Fred la Marmotte, the Groundhog Day groundhog for Quebec, died unexpectedly , so the Quebec announcement was made by a child dressed in a ground hog costume.

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When they’re young, they are good. You can’t believe how mean they are, though. Most animals in a live trap just want you to open the door for a speedy escape. Not badgers nor woodchucks/groundhogs. Mean little marmots, they are. Soak in buttermilk for a few days, then dry and parboil, and they make a pretty decent stew.

This was the story of thee week for me. Shadow/no shadow. What the hell is it predicting when the hog is dead? Scent glands MUST be removed.