The Taco Project: Boyce Thompson Yonkers, NY

We made a family trip to the Taco Project on Saturday 6:30p We tried:
chicken quesadilla
Mexican corn
pork belly
short rib

with 2 beers and 2 sodas it came to $80.

Service was quick and the atmosphere was fun. It wasn’t too busy, but started picking up when we were leaving. Our favorites were the tacos. Pork Belly was the best. So crunchy and chewy at the same time, with the pineapple cutting the fatty goodness. The steak, fish and chorizo were also equally good. The short ribs weren’t my fav. Even though the meat was great, it needed something to cut the richness. My daughter wasn’t crazy about the chicken quesadilla, but I loved it and had a wonderful lunch the next day with the leftovers. The Mexican corn was tasty, but it didn’t taste fresh. The churros were so good, I would go back for them alone! Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…
Short Rib
Pork Belly


Looks fantastic - great photos! I heard they were open but we haven’t had a chance to go yet, despite the fact that this location is basically our backyard. Did you happen to peek at the Fortina space while you were there? They’ve been promising an opening date for a while but so far, I haven’t heard anything concrete.

We liked the Tarrytown Taco Project location when it first opened, but as time went on, the amount of fillings decreased and the taco condiments were inconsistent and sometimes forgotten altogether. This location is much closer to us so we’ll give it a shot at some point. Thanks for the review!

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Yes, we did…it’s still a far ways off. Bar was in, some cookware and glasses were seen, but no tables or chairs.

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Thanks for reporting back!

Great review! I really enjoy the one in Tarrytown - was just there on Sunday. Those churros look huge! The ones I had on Sunday were about half that size. I guess they’ve shrunk their portions in T-Town? The dulce de leche and chocolate dipping sauces were delicious though. I saved some of the dulce sauce to drizzle on my kids’ ice cream the next day.

I noticed that too. And this post made me envious of the churros! The T-Town ones are minuscule compared to tracey’s pic! I can’t stand when places start to skimp. :frowning:

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Yes. That’s why we stopped going to Twisted Oak (also Tarrytown). Portions started getting miniscule with no change in price. Come to think of it so did MP taverna in Irvington.

Apparently they were closer than you (or I) thought!

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