The state of fried chicken in Westchester

Since there is nothing new here, I figured I’d see if anyone is still here . Went to the new (for this area Bonchon in White plains. Enjoyed it quite a bit, even tried their pork potstickers . Very good. I’m also a fan of cravwings on Central ave in Yonkers. Not a big fan of the Korean wing place near h-mart in Greenburgh/ White Plains. The Boston Chicken (not missed) in Mamaroneck would be a great location for a Haven hot chicken , if they want to make a quick jump over the border. One last place- the Rye Roadhouse Wednesday night chicken special, is a great meal and bargain. A few weeks ago, I would have had to wait too long, so I left and ended up at Popeyes (I think they’ve gone downhill) but essentially spent as much there as I would have at Rye Roadhouse, which is far superior.


if you’re including wings, haven’t been in several years but always liked Candlelight Inn in Scarsdale for buff wings.