The Spread (SoNo, CT) - Getting Even Better

After a great day in NYC, my wife and I were looking for a place for dinner. It has been a few months since we have gone to The Spread and wanted to see what Chef Carlos was up to. At 730 the place was hoppin’ and we grabbed a high-top table near the front open doors.

The appetizers were the newly-added Tuna Crudo, plus one of my favorites, the Octopus over chorizo. The tuna was fantastic. Diced tuna was served over a melange of mangoes, onions and Jalapeño peppers. The tuna was super-fresh, the mangoes added great sweetness and the onions and peppers added just a little heat and pungency without overwhelming the dish. One of the best. The Octopus was equally delicious. The octopus sections were moist and tender with just a little bite and when combined with the crumbled chorizo and fingerling potatoes, was outstanding. I could have order both as dinner sized portions.

But, I did order the burger, which was served with thick bacon, spicy pickles and melted cheese. The burger was perfectly prepared to medium-rare and delivered deep, rich flavors. The cheese and pickles were fantastic accompaniments, and the bacon a good level of smoky-saltiness. The potato bun has been replaced with a wonderful brioche, which is my preference for it buttery flavor.

One of the best meals in a while.

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