The sooner than expected future of lab grown beef/meat/steak.......................

I’m sorry I don’t care what the science is behind this, I’m a long way away from signing up for this. I do find the harvesting of cells from living animals to be interesting. Assuming you raise excellent cattle I’ll assume you can literally purchase steaks repeatedly from the same animal and the quality will be constant.

I can imagine a day when cattle ranchers will instead of raising cattle for slaughter raise them to maintain their quality of life for superior cells for harvesting. You will walk into your butcher (will there be butchers???) and order:

“Give me 4 t-bones from Nelly”
“Give me 2 filet mignons from Ester”
“Give me a strip on the bone from Bessy”

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The science behind this amuses me.

And I don’t have to line up on either side of the the “ethical” or “future effects” side of the discussion because I’ll have left this earth by the time this is offered broadly.