The Socials [London]

I wonder if anyone could tell me a bit about Pollen St., The Socials etc. I’d like to
try one, but which is best and why?

I’ve only been the The Little Social. It was underwhelming. Hardly anything on the menu appealed and as it was May I was expecting some lighter dishes but there were quite a few heavy sounding beef dishes. Also I had a question about a wine and it took 20 mins for someone to come over ( not sure if they had to grab the sommelier from The Social opposite), even then they couldn’t help. The meal was OK but for the money I’ve had far better food in London. This was some time ago though only one visit so maybe others have had better more recent experiences.

Thanks for the in put. Little Social’s lunch deal (2 courses for £22) sounded interesting.

My super fussy parents loved Pollen St. I joined them for drinks after, lovely wine - yet to try the food!

Thanks, Shekha.

I like Pollen St, Little Social and City Social - the view from City Social (in Tower 42) is quite cool, for a visitor, and the bar there is fun in the evening. I haven’t been to any of the others,

Thanks, catber.

I visited Pollen Street a few years ago. I never wrote anything about it and had a few similar tasting menus that year so it’s all kind of blended into one. It was definitely enjoyable but didn’t generally leave much of an impression on me.

However, we were asked if we wanted to have our desserts at their dessert bar, and that definitely seems to have stuck in my head. The pastry chefs were very interactive and sociable, giving us an assortment of bits and pieces to try from their dehumidifier and things that were left over after dressing dishes they were preparing.

Thanks, Lex. I’m trying The Palomar for lunch today… to heck with the diet.

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