The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays


Me too. Managed to fix it myself with a $5 replacement part. It’s the metal clip that extends through the drain to keep it defrosted. It was too short and now they have replaced it with something larger.

I also have a Samsung induction stove which is fine except the electronics go haywire when you spray cleaner on the console. There’s a big gap at the bottom of the console and I guess liquid or vapour gets in there and shorts everything temporarily.

I have to wonder how much testing they do on these appliances before they release them.

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Update - new one came today. I’m waiting for it to cool down. The other one started working again and laughed at us all the way out the door!


interesting. I’m not so sure that was the issue though - ours collected water in the full width meat keeper drawer plus under that drawer on the bottom of the interior shell. as in soaking wet dish towels… if the drain was stopped up by freezing, the blockage had to be quite low in the system.

I had so many irks with that dang fridge, I was happy it quirked out. not happy at the cost of replacing it, but happy to see it go. I noticed when shopping for a new fridge that Samsung still has an exceeding similar aka identical ice maker set up - which just did not perform well in real life.

testing? Shirley you jest . . . .


Fingers crossed for a long, satisfying relationship with the new one.

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Thanks. So far I like the layout much better than the Electolux. That one was big with lots of unusable space. This is quiet with 2 small ice askers that don’t take up lots of room. So far my only gripe is that it does not indicate the actual temperature of the freezer/fridge, just the “target” temperature. To me, that makes no sense. I know what it SHOULD be set at, but to keep foods fresh I need to know what it IS. The other gripe is the shelves on the doors do not adjust for height. Other than that, there is a ton of room, it’s quiet and it’s pretty. Time will tell!

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Our oven’s electronic controls went all wonky one day. It wasn’t that old and we were angry about it, but unplugging it for a couple of minutes set it straight. There’s something to be said for “shut up and reboot”._


I have a couple of fridge/ freezer thermometers, you can get them cheap at any restaurant supply place. Couldn’t live without them for sure!

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Thanks. Yes, got a couple of Taylor’s cheap on Amazon. They do the job.


You really do need them, with the unreliability of products now.

Only eight more days until I can call for my warranty repair…but luckily, due to my thermometers, I know the temps are OK for now.


Yes, often the best research comes after the fact when the service technician is frank about various models’ track records.


That’s what I’m praying for. I’m a pretty good schmoozer!

But I was talking to a government person on the phone before,about something nothing to do with home appliances, and she has the same issues: Then she reminded me of cat and dog hair under the fridge causing an uproar. I went underneath and not too much of that, but tons of some kind of styrofoam hunks, that seem to have fallen off the innards…can’t wait to show them that when they get here!

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The service guy for my old Electolux told me he fixes them but would not have one in his house!


I always had a thing against GE, my family lives up by the Hudson River, which they sort of polluted beyond repair, plus my grandmother went on strike while working for them the beginning of last century and got fired along with all her brothers and sisters…but I was so desperate after looking into the various brands that I went with it. Probably my grandmother punishing me from beyond :wink:


We haven’t had a chronic or irreparable equipment issue that prompted such advice, and so far save one, the service technicians have been helpful giving information as well as fixing the problem.


No water leaking from the bottom of the freezer on your side by side? Happened to our Kitchenaid, took the repair people 3 visits to realize it was a “motherboard” issue with defrost. Fixed and 2 yrs later the problem resurfaces. They don’t make them like they use to


I always have them in both compartments, too.


I have one of these, use it ever couple of weeks under fridge and under the range we just tossed out. It has washed up in the laundry and come out looking like new for over a decade.


Looks interesting! Thanks.

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Am I the only person who thinks semiconductors, digital displays and software don’t belong in refrigerators?

I have a GE that’s been in continuous service since 1952. No problems, no repairs.


Well, the only problem is that your electric bill is way higher, but you could spend that in repairs of a new one, ten times over. I, too, prefer a fridge that’s smart enough to keep things cold and well organized without breaking down.