the rex lobster and pizza (westchester)

The Rex has opened- by trader joes in Hartsdale. I was in cvs next door and it was around lunch time but… I’ve had enough good pizza of late that I didn’t want pizza. Now (supposedly) the lobster comes in fresh each day from Maine. However the lobster club weighs in at (to me ) a whopping $30. At that price I need to be sure of lots of lobster and not much else. So if anyone tries it would ,luv to hear what they think of the place. Btw. beer is $7.50 - ouch

$30? Wow. I’ll let someone else take one for the team on this one! :wink:

It may cost more (but probably not by much) - just drive to Maine and get the real deal


Better yet - pay for a taxi to drive a live lobster from Maine to here, shouldn’t cost that much more!

Lobster prices are very high in the moment in general

Actually, you remind me that when we were in Montreal last month, we went to Liverpool House and I was looking forward to their lobster pasta dish. Tragically, it was unavailable, and the reason given was the recent storms that had made lobster scarce. Good thing I had my fill (and then some!) in Maine last summer!

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